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简介1.山东春季高考英语试题2017及英语高考模拟试题(2)2.大神急求!英语周报2016-2017高三课标第六期答案3.英语周报2016-2017高三新课程第五期4.英语周报高三课标第五期答案5.2017年天津高考英语卷难不难,天津高考英语难度系数点评解读及答案2016 2017高三外研版英语周报第11期答案及解析Book 4 Modules 3-4参考答案及部分解析参考答案1-5 BACAC







2016 2017高三外研版英语周报第11期答案及解析

Book 4 Modules 3-4




11-15 CAACB 16-20CAABC

21-25 ADCCB 26-30ABBAB

31-35 BCCBC 36-40FBDGE

41-45 CADBB 46-50DCCAD

51-55 BCBAA 56-60DBACC

61. environmental 62. successfully

63. to 64.where

65. began 66.fastest

67. them 68.have been rejected

69. to harvest 70. the


71. ... jog near my home ... jog → jogging

72. ... in a morning. a → the

73. ... with a purpose. with → without

74. Then next day ... next前加the

75. ... that amazed me ... that → what

76. ... at them cheerful ...

cheerful → cheerfully

77. ... not my friend ... friend → friends

78. ... tomorrow and sometime.

and → but

79. By giving up ... 去掉up

80. ... who benefit most.

benefit → benefits

One possible version:

Dear Andy,

How are you doing these days? I'd like totell you something about the annual Campus Book Fair in my school.

It was held on the afternoon of lastThursday in order to encourage teachers and students to read more. The latestbooks of different types brought by the booksellers were displayed for us toread and purchase. Teachers and students also sold or exchanged their usedbooks.

I like the fair very much, which not onlyintroduced us to a lot of interesting books but allowed us to buy books at alower price. Besides, it gave us a chance to make new friends. Do you havesimilar activities in your school?

Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua





21. A。推理判断题。由第二段末的Now that I've gotten into college, however, my life seems almostwell ... pointless及第三段开头的Foryears, getting into Stanford was my only goal. So what if I lost my friends andeven my own personality to pursue this dream可推断,作者为考上斯坦福大学的得与失而困惑。倒数第二段开头的For now, my future is vague. To others, I may seem extremelyexcited, but inwardly, I am conflicted也是提示。

22. D。细节理解题。由第三段末的I sent the teacher an email informing her of Hannah's difficulty ...sacrifice my grade可知,作者为了不影响自己在团队项目中的成绩向老师抱怨Hannah不太好的表现。

23. C。词义猜测题。由上文的paint myself as a typical Stanford student及下文的what's better than a girl who loves engineering可推断,作者在自己的大学申请中将自己描述成了一个渴望成为工程师的人。故C项恰当。

24. C。推理判断题。由倒数第二段末的Instead of haggling for points with my teachers ... I should haveexplored my talents and interests可推断,作者后悔自己读高中时太在乎成绩,应当更注重开发自己的潜能和兴趣。据此可推断C项正确。



25. B。段落大意题。由第一段中的what people accept as hope is a ... Hope in ancient Greek is “elpis” meaning ... 可知,本段主要讲hope的含义。

26. A。推理判断题。由第二段末的Not giving up on his hope, he worked hard toward it and at last hebecame president of Anglo Gold Ashanti可知,Jonah的例子主要是为了证明有希望才会有成功。

27. B。细节理解题。由第三段中的Someone may say “I've tried andfailed several times” ... they alsofailed; however, they didn't give up on their hope可知,要想成功就不能轻言放弃。

28. B。标题归纳题。本文主要讲了希望的含义以及希望对于成功的重要性,并鼓励人们心怀希望,并不轻易放弃。故B项最恰当。



29. A。细节理解题。由第二段末句There's a reason, he says, that sad people commonly describe theworld as “colorless,” and “gray,” and happy people use words like “bright” and “colorful.”可知,人们描述世界的方式可以反映出他们的感受。

30. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的the researchers randomly assigned people to one of two groups.People in the “sadness” group watched a sad scene from The Lion King. Those in the “amusement” group watcheda comedy可推断,实验中让一部分参与者看《狮子王》中悲哀的场面是为了让他们感到伤心,让另一部分人看喜剧是为了让他们开心,进而为之后的实验做准备。

31. B。细节理解题。由第四段中的Some of the patches are pretty difficult to make out ... People werescored on how accurate their color perception was可知,实验中将不同颜色的斑点处理得略带灰色是为了使它们较难辨认。

32. C。细节理解题。由倒数第二段末的they did not have problems seeing colors in the red-green spectrum... response to anger可知,伤心的人较容易辨认出红色。



33. C。细节理解题。由文中的These special nights enable a family ... at no charge可知,该活动对成年人和儿童都免费。

34. B。细节理解题。由文中的Kids 14 and under are invited to complete a fitness challenge uponarrival to earn free admission to the event可知。

35. C。细节理解题。由文中的designed to help grown-ups and children develop a lifetime ofhealthy habits可知,该组织致力于帮助人们养成健康的生活习惯。




36. F。F项是对上文的strengths的举例说明,且与下文的Maybe you'll become an auto mechanic相呼应。

37. B。B项与上文的Did you fail acourse?并列,并与上文的few mistakes aredisastrous相呼应。

38. D。由下文Cecilia的例子可推断,在某些方面的成功能使一个人具备成功人士的素质和心态,进而在其它方面也获得成功。

39. G。G项中的who were also achievers与上文的Cecilia's grades improved相呼应。

40. E。E项与上文的I've met peoplefrom top universities who have experienced unemployment and even homelessness都是对本段主题句Getting into a top university — or any university — will notguarantee success的具体解释说明。




41. C。由上文的when cancer crashes down on your life plans及下文的Drown in sorrow可推断,当一个人得知自己患癌症后通常会“哭(Cry)”。

42. A。由上文的pick yourself up and enjoy the glory of及下文的with a mission to serve可推断,癌症患者在伤心过后会振作起来,享受“活着(alive)”的幸福,并努力做些事情。

43. D。由上文的my life's goal可知,在患癌症之前,作者的人生目标是“说服(persuade)”自己的丈夫再生一个宝宝。

44. B。由下文的I felt lost可推断,患癌症后,作者的梦想破灭了。故选dead。

45. B。由下文的the body heals much faster可推断,“治疗(treatment)”结束后,作者感到很茫然。

46. D。由上文的I felt lost及下文的the bodyheals much faster than ... 可推断,作者感到生存是如此“艰难(difficult)”。

47. C。由上文的When I was done with my ... I felt lost可推断,身体恢复得比“精神(soul)”快很多。

48. C。由上文的What was my calling now ... I felt I should help save others可推断,作者想要给那些有生命和健康危险的人带来“不同(difference)”。

49. A。一位朋友告诉作者,在以色列,心血管疾病“致死(kills)”的女性比所有因癌症而死的女性还要多。

50. D。由下文的If women knew可推断,女性甚至不“知道(know)”心血管疾病的危害。

51. B。如果女性知道心脏病的“起因(causes)”和前兆,她们就能挽救自己的生命。

52. C。由上段可知,通过和朋友的谈话,作者“找到了(found)”自己的使命。

53. B。由上段末的If women knew ... signs of heart disease, they could save theirlives可推断,作者开始致力于提高人们对心脏病的“认识(awareness)”。

54. A。作者帮助那些健康风险“严重(severe)”的人了解心脏病。

55. A。作者的努力促使议会委员们讨论心脏健康,这令作者感到非常“满足(satisfaction)”。

56. D。由上文的Status of Women及第四段末的If womenknew ... signs of heart disease, they could save their lives可推断,议会委员们讨论了“女性的(women's)”心脏健康。

57. B。由第三段中的I felt I should help save others可知,癌症治愈后,作者帮助保护很多人的“生命(lives)”。

58. A。59. C。由作者经历癌症后大有成就的事例可知,“灾难(Disasters)”可以让一个人变得“更好(better)”。

60. C。你只需要向前迈几步,再凭借一点点运气,“转变(transformation)”就会发生。


61. environmental。考查形容词作定语的用法。设空处修饰名词impact,故填形容词environmental。

62. successfully。考查副词。设空处修饰谓语,故填副词successfully。

63. to。考查介词。up to意为“多达”。

64. where。考查关系副词。设空处引导限制性定语从句且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

65. began。考查一般过去时。由Since可知begin所表示的动作发生在过去,故填began。

66. fastest。考查形容词最高级。句中含表示范围的in the fresh produce market,且设空处前有the限定,故填fast的最高级fastest。

67. them。考查代词。设空处指代前面的“Ugly” fruits and vegetables,且在此作sell的宾语,故填them。

68. have been rejected。考查虚拟语气。由once(曾经)可知,设空处表示与过去事实相反的假设,且produce与reject之间是被动关系,故填have beenrejected。

69. to harvest。考查不定式作宾补的用法。send sb. to do sth.意为“派某人去做某事”。

70. the。考查定冠词。“the +形容词”表示一类人,此处意为“饥饿的人们”。


1-5 ACDAD 6-10ADCAB11-15 BADCD 16-20ACDCB21-25 BBCDC 26-30 ACADC31-35DDBAC 36-40 CABAD41-45 CBDAA 46-50 DBCBD51-55 BACCB 56-60 DCBBC61-65 ACAAB66-70 DCBBA71-75 CDFAE76. When she gets excited. / When something goes herway.77. She felt embarrassed / awkward.78. Not to do the “silly dance” inpublic.79. She will continue to sing. / She won’t stop singing.80. Beingoneself. / Being who he / she is.短文改错:81. ... friend callingEmily. calling → called82. ... things that like ... 去掉that83.... what she asked ... asked后加for84. ... she hasborrowed! has → had85. ..., though she said ... though → but86. ... she couldremember ... could → couldn't或could后加not87.... made the list ... the → a88. ... gave them to ... them → it89. For mysurprise, ... For → To90. ... a dirt T-shirt. dirt → dirtyOne possibleversion:Dear Editor,Rubbish is now one of the main environmental problems.Withthe increasing population, more and more rubbish is produced every day and somerubbish does great harm to the environment: it pollutes the air, the soil andthe water. Today many cities are troubled by mountains of rubbish. It not onlyaffects our daily life but results in serious illnesses.We must find a betterway to deal with rubbish. First of all, rubbish should be put in differentplaces according to whether they can be recycled or not. Secondly, everybodymust realise that it is everybody's duty to keep the environment clean.Finally, I think that laws must be passed on how to deal with rubbish.Yourssincerely, Li Hua部分解析单项填空:21.D。have a(n) ... effect on sb. 对某人有…… 影响;growth在句中意为“成长”,是不可数名词,且其后有of children限定,表特指,故其前用the。22.C。根据答语中的Sorry 及表示转折的but可知,此处指“事情很紧急(urgent)”。concerned担心的;major 主要的;scary恐怖的,吓人的。23. A。hold 与the sports meet 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,又根据the day after tomorrow 可知hold 这一动作尚未发生,故用不定式的一般式的被动语态作定语,修饰the sports meet。24. B。玛丽总是被鼓励去游泳的目的是增强腿部的“力量(strength)”。energy精力,活力;protection保护;position 位置。25. D。haveno choice but to do sth. 别无选择只能做某事;do nothing but do sth. 什么都不做,只是做某事。26. B。根据答语“那很危险”可知应答者不让孩子们晚上出去。Absolutely not!(绝对不行!当然不可以!)符合语境。hopefully 希望如此;thankfully谢天谢地;rarely极少地。27. B。分析句子结构可知,空格后为定语从句,且定语从句中缺少地点状语,故选where,相当于inwhich。28. C。根据答语“别担心。我喜欢软一点的”可知,上句是说“融化(melts)前赶快吃掉你的冰淇淋”。expand 膨胀;dissolve溶解;recycle再循环。29.A。complain to sb. about sth.向某人抱怨某事。30. A。该句中make 后接复合宾语,to get there on time 是真正的宾语,故用it 作形式宾语。31. D。根据tomorrow 可知用将来时。这是一个there be句型,故选D项。32. D。题意:塑料燃烧时会散发出(give out)气体,这种气体对人有害并且会严重污染大气。take in 吸收;takeaway 拿走;give up放弃。33. B。由“没有多少时间了”可知,应选ina nutshell(简言之,概括地讲)。in other words 换句话说;ina way 在某种程度上;one after another 一个接一个地。34. A。根据上句“我想这不是个坏主意”可知,I couldn't agree with you more.(我完全同意)符合语境。35. C。根据答语中的Yes 可知,应答者将尽力按时完成这项工作。I'll do my best我将尽力而为。完形填空:话题:个人情感本文是夹叙夹议文。一位年轻人从松鼠跳跃树枝得到启发,从而鼓起勇气,决心为心仪的职位冒一次险。36. C。让你垂涎的梦想就是你想用尽一切办法使之成为“现实(reality)”的梦想。37.A。由下文的... take a risk ..., he landed safely in a position 可知,这位年轻人在工作中遇到了麻烦,不知如何“面对(face)”。38.B。由下文的But it still landed ... on a branch several feet lower可知,松鼠是从一棵“高(high)”树跳到另一棵。39.A。松鼠想跳到另外一棵树的树枝上。aim for 以……为目标。40.D。由下文的the jump looked impossible可知,松鼠离它想跳的树枝很远。out of reach够不到。41. C。由下文But一词可知,松鼠没有跳到它想跳的树枝上。miss 在此处为failto reach之意。42. B。虽然未达到目标,但松鼠仍然“安全地(safely)”跳到了较低的树枝上。下文的never seen one of them get hurt是提示。43. D。松鼠继续跳跃,最终到了自己“想要(wanted)”到达的那根树枝。44. A。老人认为松鼠不断跳跃的场面很“有趣(funny)”。45.A。很多松鼠如年轻人看到的松鼠一样“跳跃(jump)”。46.D。“很多松鼠错过目标”与“从未看到一只松鼠受伤”之间是转折关系,故选but。47.B。由下文的to take a chance 可知,松鼠“冒险(risk)”去跳跃树枝。48.C。松鼠是在树之间跳跃。49. B。松鼠尝试从很高的树跳跃到另外一棵高树上,是做好了准备去冒险。be prepared to do sth.准备做某事;乐意做某事。50. D。年轻人看到松鼠跳跃树枝的勇敢,反问自己是否缺少“勇气(courage)”面对工作中的困境。51. B。由下文的he landed safely in a position可知,年轻人“决定(decided)”冒险做他想做的事情。52. A。年轻人所得到的这个职位是他原来觉得“决不(never)”可能的。53.C。54. C。由松鼠跳跃树枝的故事可知,定下如奔向月亮的远大志向,“纵使(Evenif)”不能到达,也会跻身于繁星之中,也会比你现在的位置更高、更好。end up以……结束。55.B。既然人生短暂,时光易逝,为何不努力去实现最精彩的人生呢?possible可能发生的。阅读理解:A篇(自然)本文是记叙文。文章介绍了美国历史上一次严重的气候灾难。56. D。细节理解题。根据第二段的the wind picked up earth 和第三段的theangry mountain of dust 可知,黑色星期天发生的是一场沙尘暴。57. C。推理判断题。根据第三段Lila Lee说的I was sure I was going to die 可知,面对1935年那场沙尘暴,她感到非常惊恐。58. B。篇章结构题。根据上文可知,正是因为粘合土壤的草皮被铲掉,才导致沙尘暴的发生。59. B。细节理解题。由倒数第二段的During World War Ⅰ, there was good rain and wheat prices were high. Butafter the war, prices dropped 可知,一战以后,小麦价格下跌导致了一些人放弃了土地。B篇(周围的人)本文是记叙文。文章介绍了十二岁女孩Anna Koppelman 创办慈善组织来帮助他人的故事。60. C。推理判断题。从第三段的I got there and saw the kids' faces light up 可知,孩子们脸上喜悦的笑容说明了安娜初次举办的慈善生日宴会很成功。61. A。细节理解题。根据第四段的she has been amazed at the amount of time, energy, and resources peoplehave been willing to donate to her cause 可知,很多人支持安娜的慈善组织。62. C。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段的encourages others to form Birthday Fairies clubs 和最后一段的she'dlike to see Birthday Fairies clubs in schools across the United States and inother parts of the world 可知,安娜希望传播她的善举。63. A。标题归纳题。本文主要介绍了十二岁女孩Anna Koppelman 开办慈善组织Birthday Fairies 来帮助他人的故事。A项中的A sweet cause 指代Anna Koppelman 所从事的慈善活动是一项能带给人们美好、甜蜜的事业。C篇(热点话题)本文是议论文。文章就图书馆是否应该提供视频游戏进行了讨论。64. A。细节理解题。休斯顿公共图书馆的事例是对上一句Adding video games has helped some libraries attractmore visitors 的进一步补充。由于提供视频游戏,休斯顿公共图书馆的访问者越来越多。65. B。词义猜测题。文章第一段的调查报告显示人们对图书馆提供视频游戏的喜爱,而第二段however 的转折引出了人们对此事的讨论,由此可知,并不是所有人都赞成图书馆提供视频游戏。故该短语有“支持”的意思。66.D。主旨大意题。本文作者从一项研究报告开始,引用两位读者的观点,展开了对图书馆是否应该提供视频游戏的讨论。D篇(旅游)本文是应用文。文章是一项迷你冒险活动的广告宣传。67. C。细节理解题。由文中的Return ferry crossing toVancouver Island 可知,此次活动有乘船旅行部分。68. B。细节理解题。由Activities You Can Choose (paid locally)部分所列的Whale watching US$70-$90 可知,观看鲸鱼是可以自由选择的活动。69. B。细节理解题。由文中的Accommodation:3 nights campingwith equipment(except the sleeping bag)可知,游客需自备睡袋。70. A。推理判断题。由文中的dates can be chosen to suit your needs 可知,Private Departures 更加灵活,游客可自行决定出发日期。选做题参考答案及解析参考答案I. 1-5 DDABD 6-10 CBCAC11-15 BADCD 16-20 BCDBDII. 1-5DBBDD解析完形填空:话题:社会本文是说明文。文章介绍了一个回收利用旧物品的项目。1. D。由上文的hasgot used to recycling ...可知,回收旧物品对Thornebrooke 小学的学生来说已经成为一种“习惯(habit)”。2.D。3. A。由下文的pays the school for the oldproducts 可知,Thornebrooke 小学通过“回收(recycling)”旧物品“得到(earned)”了钱。4.B。通过回收旧物而获利是一种为学校“集资(raisingmoney)”的方式。5. D。由下文的Thecartridges are refilled and resold. Used electronics are made into new products可知,回收再利用可以为地球“节约(saving)”资源。6.C。学生们习惯了回收旧物品,说明他们已经“意识(realized)”到为地球节约资源。7. B。回收再利用是一件“正确的(right)”事情。8.C。由下文

的free boxes to send the collected materials by post 可知,Thornebrooke小学把回收的旧物品“ 寄给(mails)”FundingFactory。9. A。Thornebrooke 小学和FundingFactory是合作关系。学校寄东西,“反过来(in turn)”,公司为这些旧物品支付一定的费用。10. C。除了旧手机和旧的油墨盒,FundingFactory还“接受(accepts)”其它的电子产品。11. B。由下文的It provides freeposters ...and free boxes ... 可知,FundingFactory提供的便利使得学校很“容易(easy)”参与。12. A。学校给FundingFactory 邮寄回收的旧物品,从而得到新产品或者现金。either ... or ... 是固定搭配,“或……或……”。13. D。回收再利用旧物品的项目会对世界和未来“产生影响(making adifference)”。14. C。全社会可以共同合作是这些绿色项目传递的一个“重要的(important)”信息。15. D。FundingFactory 是一家接收学校邮递旧物品的公司,而当地的企业捐赠给学校旧产品。由此可知,通过Funding-Factory 项目,当地企业和学校建立了“联系(connections)”。16. B。FundingFactory 项目的目的是为了“帮助(help)”学校。17. C。由上文的their usedproducts 可知,被回收的东西都是企业准备“扔掉(throw away)”的。18. D。由Lewis has bought new equipment可知,学校通过FundingFactory 项目得到钱从而购买新设备。19. B。因为被当地媒体报道,故学生们对回收再利用感到“兴奋(excited)”。20. D。Feagin Mill 学校回收了本来要被当地企业扔掉的旧产品,而这是一件对环境保护有益的事情,故他们的努力是“与环境有关的(environmental)”




 How to Improve Vocabulary Fast

 Your vocabulary refers to the words in a language you are familiar with. We should learn some ways to expand it.

 Read every day. 36 Choose reading material that is slightly above your level and keep a dictionary with you to look up words you do not know.

 37 If you do not meet with an unfamiliar word in your daily reading, use your dictionary to search for one.

 Learn the correct definition and pronunciation for each new word. Pronunciation is as important as definition because in order to add a word to your active vocabulary, you must be able to use it in speech.

 Elaborate(阐释)on the meaning of the word. Use imagery and personal relevance. If you have just learned the word ?stubborn?, think about the neighbor who will not lend you his car. 38

 Use your new word in speech and in writing. E-mail your sister about how your cat is stubborn about sleeping on your pillow. 39 But the more you use it, the more fluent you will become in its use. Soon it will be a regular part of your active vocabulary.

 Tell everyone you are trying to increase your vocabulary. Encourage them to ask you what your latest word is. 40 The more you explain the meaning of a word to someone, the more likely you are to remember it.

 A. Or let them ask for the definition of a new word you have used.

 B. Your vocabulary contains the words you understand.

 C. The vocabulary can be increased.

 D. Imagine him shaking his head, and think of him as ?stubborn in his refusal?.

 E. The first time you use a new word in speech, it may seem clumsy and forced.

 F. Find a new word every day

 G. The more often you read, the faster your vocabulary can grow.


 第一节 完型填空(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)


 Do you know insurance? Buying insurance is a 41 by which people can protect themselves 42 large losses. Protection against fire is one kind of insurance. Large numbers of people pay 43 sums of money to an insurance company. Although thousands of people have paid for fire insurance, only 44 will lose their homes by fire. The insurance company will pay for these homes out or the sums of money it has 45 .

The first modern fire insurance company was 46 in London, England in 1666. A great fire had just 47 most of the city, and people wanted protection against 48 losses. The first company 49 rapidly. Soon other companies were founded in other areas.

 Benjamin Franklin helped form the first fire insurance company in America in 1752. He also 50 a new kind of insurance for 51 . The new insurance would offer protection against the loss of crops 52 storms.

 In 1795, Benjamin Franklin helped start 53 new insurance company in America. This company, 54 offered life insurance, collected some money 55 from many different men. 56 a man died, his family was given a large sum of money. Today, this company is 57 in business.

 Over the years, people have 58 from many new kinds of insurance when they have suffered from 59 accidents as car and plane crashes. 60 , almost everyone has some kind of insurance.

 41. A. way B. firm C.consideration D. means

 42. A.. from B. against C. with D. beyond

 43. A. small B. huge C. much D. little

 44. A. many B. little C. few D. a few

 45. A. stole B. collected C. lent D. brought

 46. A. built B. found C. formed D. organized

 47. A. destroyed B. hurt C. harmed D. wounded

 48. A. farther B. further C. wider D. longer

 49. A. risen B. rised C. grew D. turned

 50. A. suggested B. determined C. asked D. demanded

 51. A. farmers B. workers C. waiters D. doctors

 52. A. with B. by C. from D. for

 53. A. other B. certain C. another D. some

 54. A. where B. which C. whom D. that

 55. A. commonly B. usually C. regularly D. ordinary

 56. A. If B. Although C. Unless D. Because

 57. A. always B. still C. hardly D. seldom

 58. A. paid B. offered C. bought D. benefited

 59. A. many B. so C. such D. that

 60. A. Today B. Generally C. Lately D. Tomorrow






 Polar bears are suffering in a 61 (warm) world.

 Polar bears live in environments too cold for most animals. 62 much of the year, they live and hunt on the frozen Arctic sea ice. Nature has prepared 63 for the cold conditions. But nothing has prepared the bears for the danger that 64 (threat) the only home they know.

 The polar bears? world is melting. Studies show that the polar ice has reduced by 9.8% every 10 years 65 1978. Now about 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears live in the Arctic. Polar bears depend on the sea ice for their 66 (survive). ?The sea ice is more than just this platform that the bears walk over,? says Andrew Derocher, 67 scientist who studies North American polar bear populations. ? 68 it, they can?t exist.?

 Some melting and refreezing of the polar ice is natural. 69 in a warmer world, these cycles speed up, and bears have less time to hunt. Normally, they have three months in the spring when they gain more weight. The extra fat is used later, 70 the bears are not actively hunting.

 第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)




 删除:把多余的词用斜线( \ )划掉。


 注意:1. 每处错误及修改均仅限一词;

 2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从11处起)不计分;

 3. 错误类型不涉及单词拼写。

 Good relationships between teachers or students are important to teaching and learning. Only with good relationships can student and teachers cooperate well.

 Good relationships depended on both sides. On the one hand, students should respect teachers and our hard work. They should polite to teachers and ready to following their advice. On an other hand, teachers should be kindly, friendly and patient to students. They must be responsible on their teaching and help students. If both sides treat to each other in a friendly way, teaching and learning in class will be highly efficient.


 假如你叫李华,你和父母在英国旅游期间于1月28日至30日入住Forest Hotel酒店,但对其提供的服务不满意,请发电子邮件给酒店的管理者进行投诉,要求其道歉并改进服务质量。

 1. 搬运工送到房间的皮箱破损;

 2. 卫生间漏水;

 3. 楼下酒吧有噪音,并持续到很晚,影响休息。

 注意:1. 文章必须包括所有要点。可适当增加细节,以使文章连贯。

 2. 词数120.

 3. 参考词汇:搬运工porter n; 皮箱suitcase n; 漏水leak vi.



 1~5.BACBA 6~10.BBCCA 11~15.CCABA 16~20.CABCB



 A. 21?24 CDCA B. 25?28 DABA 29?32 BBCD 33--35 DBA

 第二节(共12.5,每小题2.5分):36?40 GFDEA


 第一节 完型填空(共30分,每小题1.5分):

 41-45 DAADB 46-50CABCA 51-55ABCBC 56-60 ABDCA

 第二节 语法填空(共15分 ,每小题1.5分):

 61.warmer 62.For/During 63.them 64.threatens 65.since 66.survial 67.a 68.Without

 69.But 70.when

 第四部分 写作(共35分)

 第一节 短文改错(共10分每小题1分):





 5.should改为should be





 10.treat to 去掉to

 第二节 书面表达(共25分):One Possible Version

 Dear Manager,

 My name is Li Hua. I stayed at your hotel, Forest Hotel, during my visit to the UK from Jan 28 to 30 with my parents. However, the service in your hotel left much to be desired. I?m writing this email to express my opinion.

First, we found our suitcases broken after they were carried to our room by one of your porters. Second, water was leaking out of the toilet in the bathroom. Third, the noise from the bar downstairs went on so late into the night each night that we couldn?t get good rest.

 For the above reasons, I have to say that the service in your hotel is of poor quality. Therefore, I would like to receive a written apology from you. Meanwhile, I hope you can improve your service in the future so that none of the above happens again.

 Yours sincerely,




Book 1 & Book 2综合检测试题




11-15 BAABC 16-20ACBAC

21-25 CDCAC 26-30CDBBA

31-35 CCBAD 36-40FGAEC

41-45 BADDC 46-50ABCCB

51-55 ABCDA 56-60DCBAD

61. organized 62. the

63. using 64.in

65. had 66.Luckily

67. it 68.awareness

69. to keep 70. that


71. ... ready to having ... having → have

72. ... and leaves school. leaves → left

73. ... my grandparent did ...

grandparent → grandparents

74. In the fact ... 去掉the

75. “We're worried your ...


76. ... prove them wrongly ...

wrongly → wrong

77. ... he was offering ...

offering → offered

78. ... he was difficult ... he → it

79. Thankful, a few years ...

Thankful → Thankfully

80. ... or became a partner ... or → and

One possible version:

Dear Charlie,

How are you? I'm writing to ask you forsome favours.

I've been dreaming of visiting beautifulNew Zealand since I was a child. I'm so excited that my dream will come true. Iwill have a one-week trip to New Zealand from October 1st to October 7th. Sinceyou are familiar with New Zealand, I hope you can recommend some touristattractions that are well worth seeing. As this is the first time I havetraveled abroad, could you possibly pick me up at the airport? I would begrateful if you could help me book a hotel room in advance. I'm sure my tripwould be an unforgettable experience with your kind help.

Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua





21. C。细节理解题。根据文中的This ID allows you to follow your specific book及文末的When another reader finds your book, they can enter the BCID onBookCrossing.com and report that it's been caught可知,这个标签能让书的主人知道他的书去了哪里。

22. D。细节理解题。根据文中的You can find someone in the BookCrossing community who's looking foryour book and make their day by sending it to them可知,书的主人可以通过定向分享把书分享给指定的人。

23. C。细节理解题。根据文中的There are currently 1,583,246 BookCrossers and 11,350,976 bookstravelling throughout 132 countries可知,BookCrossing的用户遍布全球。



24. A。推理判断题。根据第一段中的It's the hottest day of the year, so spending today ... is ratherthrilling. That's why I find myself, snowboarding inside Xscape's Sno Zone inBraehead可知,因为太热了,所以作者去Sno Zone避暑。

25. C。细节理解题。根据第二段中的championship skier and snowboarder及第三段中的has a room full of awards可知,Nicole是滑雪行家。

26. C。段落大意题。根据第三段末的Sno Zone is better than the mountains及本段中的you can still keep going和you can't keep going的对比可知,本段主要讲了与在山里滑雪相比,在Sno Zone滑雪的优势。

27. D。细节理解题。根据第五段中的It snows every night at Braehead. A total of sixteen snow guns firecooled water into air making 1,700 tonnes of real snow可知,Braehead每晚都会人工降雪。



28. B。写作手法题。根据第一段内容可知,作者以威利的两幅画为例说明威利结合新旧风格为名人画像。

29. B。细节理解题。根据第二段中的the artisan assistants in his workshop aid in the completion of thepaintings. This cooperative process allows for Wiley's vast production可知,威利创作高产是因为他与他的助手合作。

30. A。推理判断题。根据第三段中的He shows that even those to whom history pays no attention can havetheir own great dignity可知,威利认为普通人应该得到尊重。

31. C。细节理解题。根据文中的draws from a nineteenth-century painting, draws on the influence ofPeter Paul Rubens, Inspired by the Dutch masters及draw on the work of many earlier artists可知,威利深受前辈艺术家的影响。



32. C。细节理解题。根据第一段中的More important than the money was finding a job that he could enjoy可知,虽然当记者不如父亲挣得多,但是出于对这份职业的喜爱,Ian还是选择了当记者。

33. B。词义猜测题。根据第一段中的It's unfair ... 可知,作者认为大家对年轻人“懒”的评价是不公平的,再根据本段开头的Another widespread ... 可知,这里是对年轻人另外一个“不公平的批评”,即:认为他们自私。

34. A。写作目的题。通读全文可知,作者认为当今社会对年轻人的评价不公平,在本段作者用事实说话,说明当今年轻人的表现很好,支持自己的观点。

35. D。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的one key reason is that many of their elders still use old yardsticksto measure their progress及what is ‘normal’ among young people haschanged so fast that the rest of society has not yet caught up可知,年纪大的人跟不上年轻人的变化,因此他们应该停止用老眼光看问题,对年轻人作出公平的评价。




36. F。根据本空上一句内容可推测,既然天体可以帮助人们计时,那么“古代历法”也应该跟“这些天体”有关。F项中的these bodies指代的就是本空上一句中的Heavenly bodies。

37. G。本空前说我们对史前人们如何计时的细节知之甚少,本空后却介绍了古代人采用的不同历法,因此本空应该是对上文的转折(However),并与下文衔接,说明“各个文化中都有人对计时感兴趣”。

38. A。A项中的periods, divided与本空上一句内容呼应,是对上一句的补充。

39. E。根据本空上一句中的every 365 days可推测,古埃及人创造了一年“365天的历法”。

40. C。根据本空上一句内容可知,玛雅人比巴比伦人有更多的参照物,也就是说“他们不仅依靠太阳和月亮,还依靠金星”计时。




41. B。根据第二段中的I was heading into one car space, the park in front可知,市场有很多停车位,作者“选择了(chose)”其中一个停车。

42. A。43. D。根据下句中的The girl wasactually a teenager可知,一位行人因为作者差点撞到了自己的“女儿(daughter)”而“指责(abused)”作者。

44. D。根据本空前的a teenager及下句内容可知,与小孩子相比,青少年已经足够“大(old)”了,她应该有看到车子躲避的常识。

45. C。根据上文中的a parking space and reversed in可知,这里指作者“停好车(parked)”后。

46. A。根据本句内容可知,“当(When)”那位女士指出作者的错误时,作者为自己辩护。

47. B。根据but的转折语气及作者为自己的辩护I hadnever ... the park in front可知,那位女士认为作者本来是向一个停车位开去,但是又改变了“主意(mind)”,向另一个停车位开去。

48. C。根据第一段内容可知,作者一开始就选好了停车位,所以从来没有“打算(intended for)”停在前面的一个停车位上。

49. C。50. B。既然双方已经解释清楚了,所以作者“建议(suggested)”就把这件事当成一个误会,而不是因为对方生气,自己就“不客气(unkindness)”或者更生气。

51. A。根据本句中的the angry woman was in the wrong可知,一对老夫妇目睹了事件的全过程,他们认为是那位女士的错,由此可推测,他们认为作者把这件事情处理得“很好(well)”。

52. B。得到了别人的支持,作者应该感到“安慰(comfort)”。

53. C。根据本空后两句内容可知,作者在市场里想起了这件“事(incident)”。

54. D。根据第二段内容不难看出,作者并未与那位女士争吵,全程都很“冷静(calm)”。

55. A。56. D。57. C。根据本段开头的Car parks in summer及常识可知,夏天的停车场又“热(heat)”又忙碌,绝不是什么“让人快乐的(joyous)”的场所,人们很容易失去“耐心(patience)”。

58. B。本空前的consider other people和本空后的onlythinking of ourselves是非此即彼的关系,故insteadof(而不是)符合此处语境。

59. A。根据本空后的self-love可知,这次停车的经历让作者得到了“平静(peace)”和自爱。

60. D。通读全文不难看出,在平静自爱与怒气之间,作者“更喜欢(prefer)”前者。


61. organized。考查过去分词作定语的用法。organize与Earth Hour之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故填organized。

62. the。考查定冠词。in the dark意为“在黑暗中”。

63. using。考查动词-ing形式作宾语的用法。设空处作介词without的宾语,故填using。

64. in。考查介词。take part in意为“参加”。

65. had。考查一般过去时。由Last year可知在此用一般过去时,故填had。

66. Luckily。考查副词。设空处修饰整个句子,且意为“幸运的是”,故填Luckily。

67. it。考查代词。设空处指天气,故填it。

68. awareness。考查名词。设空处作raise的宾语,意为“认识,意识”,故填awareness。

69. to keep。考查不定式作主语的用法。句中it作形式主语,故用不定式作真实主语。it isimportant to do sth.意为“做某事是重要的”。

70. that。考查连接词。设空处引导宾语从句,且从句的意义和成分均完整,故填that。





1-5 CCACB 6-10 ACACB

11-15 CBABC 16-20BCBBA

21-25 CABBD 26-30DCBDA

31-35 CABCB 36-40ECGFB

41-45 ABCCD 46-50CABAD

51-55 CBADC 56-60DABBD

61. which 62.It

63. as 64.are encouraged

65. A 66.believing

67. students 68.confidence

69. Interestingly 70. but


71. ... would be hold ... hold → held

72. I decided to joining ... joining → join

74. ... I am afraid ... am → was

73. ... making myself understand ...

understand→ understood

75. ... I might be laughed ... laughed 后加at

76. ... speak fluent. fluent → fluently

77. ... hear encouraging word ...

word → words

78. Soon I don't feel ... don't→ didn't

79. Because I didn't ... Because → Although /Though

80. ... make a greater progress ...



One possible version:

Good morning, everyone,

I'm Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School.The topic of my speech is “Let's Save Food”.

According to a report from the UnitedNations, food wastage amounts to 1.3 billion tons, which accounts for one-thirdof the world's grain output. These are shocking figures, considering the factthat about 870 million people in the world are still starving. I'm sorry to seesome of us are still wasting food. Some buy too much food and throw away theleftovers into the dustbin.

As middle school students, what should wedo to save food? On one hand, we should eat up all the food on our plates. Onthe other hand, we should remind our families and friends not to waste food. Inshort, let's take immediate action to save food.

That's all. Thank you!






21. C。推理判断题。由第二段中的At READ Foundation, we have employed 4,000 highly qualified andeducated teachers to ensure success可知,这个基金会很重视老师们的教学水平。

22. A。推理判断题。由第三段中的we also recognise that teachers' training needs to be up-to-date以及with training provided wherenecessary可知,CTCs是用来帮助老师进步的。

23. B。写作意图题。作者在末段点明了写作意图,前面介绍这个基金会的学校都是为后面鼓励读者为这个基金会捐款做准备的,并且文末给出了捐款方式,故选B项。



24. B。推理判断题。由第一段最后一句以及第二段内容可知,一只有病的流浪狗的死让Mahendra决定该为残犬做点什么。

25. D。细节理解题。由第四段中的Finally, Ramesh Bhai Patel, a farmer from a village named Jundal,agreed to give his land for nothing可知,Mahendra得到了一块免费的地,用来建立残犬收容所。

26. D。词义猜测题。由最后一段中的but Mahendra is determined that no matter what challenges come theirway, they'll fight through可知,他们时常碰到经济困难。

27. C。推理判断题。Mahendra建立残犬收容所,说明他很有爱心,故选C项。



28. B。主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了北冰洋新结成的冰块运行得更快更远,极有可能成为传播污染的高速通道。

29. D。推理判断题。由第三段中的When the ice travels from one part of the Arctic to the other, itcarries all that material with it可知,高速运行的冰块之所以会成为问题是因其传播污染。

30. A。段落大意题。由第四段中的As new ice forms in the fall and winter, that pollution gets trappedinside the ice可知,此处旨在说明冰块是如何被污染的。

31. C。篇章结构题。由第五段中的This allowed them to follow the movements of the ice from formationto melting可知选C项。



32. A。细节理解题。由第一段可知,对Stonie来说,为竞吃比赛做准备是很艰苦的。

33. B。推理判断题。由第四段中的said he was among those who had been injured while training可知,Bertoletti应该会同意B项说法:为竞吃比赛进行的训练会导致受伤。

34. C。推理判断题。由第五段中的You don't need to do it ... isn't an arms race可知,Shea对于竞吃选手的训练表示反对。

35. B。推理判断题。由最后两段中的serious health risks, severe obesity, surgical removal可知,竞吃比赛是很危险的。



36. E。E项中的your skillsand interests和该空后yourinterests and personality相呼应。

37. C。该空下一句给出另外一个建议,故C项符合。

38. G。G项中的made themove与该空前的gonethrough late-life career change相呼应。

39. F。F项中的take newcourses 与该空后的offerevening and weekend classes相呼应。

40. B。根据该空所在段中的It is never too late及not age的提示可知,B项作小标题符合。





41. A。由本空前后的asking ... for something和go得出,看到这一幕,我原打算(goal)买了东西后就走。

42. B。与上句中的go构成呼应。但是,她让我停了下来(stop)。

43. C。44. C。由本空后的cash可知,我原以为她在向人们要钱(money),所以我打算礼貌地(politely)让她明白我没带现金。

45. D。从本空后我的想法得出,一般情况下,我也不介意(mind)给她几美元。

46. C。与本空前的giving构成呼应。如果我要是带着(have)现金,我会给她的。

47. A。从后两句她说的情况得出,我听(listened to)她向我倾诉。

48. B。由本空后的to take care of以及第51空后的grandbabies判断,她说,自己的女儿不幸去世了(dead),留下了6个孩子得她抚养。

49. A。50. D。由上句她诉说的情况得出,我很同情(sorry)她的不幸。她边说边哭(crying)。

51. C。52. B。由第48空后的to take care of得出。因为孩子的母亲死了,所以抚养(raising)孩子的责任就落在了(外)祖父母(grandparents)的肩上。

53. A。由本空前后的had判断,我看了看自己购物车(cart)里的东西,然后与她的比较了一下。

54. D。从下句列举的东西和本空后的feeding得出,这些东西都是吃的(meals)。

55. C。由上句我为她买的东西可知,她感动得哭了,并感谢(thanked)了我。

56. D。由本空前的turned 50推断,我昨天刚过了50岁生日,我们全家人吃(ate)了很多刺龙虾。

57. A。从本空后的didn't ... care可知,她需要食物去养孩子,所以哪怕她说的不是真话(truth)我也不在乎。

58. B。由上文的get diapers for the babies可知,我希望能帮(helped)到她。

59. B。由本空前的didn't expect得出,我没有料到今天这件事,但是(but)我觉得我应该这样去做。

60. D。我帮助了她,我心里非常高兴(happy)。



61. which。考查定语从句。关系代词which指代先行词maths, 引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中作主语。

62. It。考查代词。It在句中作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式复合结构for women to say that they are hopeless at maths。

63. as。考查固定搭配。该句使用了比较级句型as...as...。

64. are encouraged。考查时态和语态。主语boys, rather than girls是谓语动词动作encourage的承受者,用被动语态;此处指一般性情况,故用一般现在时。

65. A。考查冠词。由该空后的further report可知,此处泛指“一项进一步的研究报告”,故填A。

66. believing。考查非谓语动词。动作believe与逻辑主语teachers之间是主动关系,故用动词-ing形式,表示伴随情况。

67. students。考查名词复数形式。由该空后的girl students可知,此处应填student的复数形式。

68. confidence。考查词性转换。空格中所填单词在句中作give的宾语,故填confident的名词形式。

69. Interestingly。考查词性转换。空格中所填单词在句中修饰整个句子,故填副词Interestingly,意为“有意思的是”。

70. but。考查连词。not...but...是习惯搭配,意思是“不是……而是……”。




Book 2 Units 4-5




11-15 ACBCB 16-20ACBBA

21-25 CBBDC 26-30CDACD

31-35 CCBAC 36-40BAECG

41-45 CADAB 46-50CBBAD

51-55 DCBBA 56-60ADBCC

61. It 62.the

63. untidy 64.keeps

65. fairly 66.up

67. to stop 68. that

69. of 70.where


71. Behind me being ... being → was

72. ... and obvious hadn't ...

obvious → obviously

73. The other stood ... other → others

74. ... notice him after ... after → until

75. ... rolled his eyes. his → her

76. ... when I turned back ... when → that

77. ... had been happened. 去掉been

78. Looking for him ... for → at

79. ... “Have nice day.” nice前加a

80. ... look happy. look → looking

One possible version:


In order to help foreign students learnmore about Chinese culture, two optional courses are to be offered in ourschool. The courses will be open to any student who is interested in them.

If you want to experience the beauty ofChinese language, the appreciation of poetry is the right course. It focuses onintroducing the characteristics of the poetry of Tang and Song dynasties andappreciating their beauty. The paper-cutting course is designed for those wholove using their hands. By taking the course, you will not only learn how tomake different types of paper-cutting but get familiar with its connection toChinese culture.

For more information, please contact theDean's office.





21. C。词义猜测题。由上文的I've planned to attend an emergent webinar及下文的I don't have time for this可知,作者“不情愿地(reluctantly)”穿上靴子准备遛狗。故C项正确。

22. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的I walk slowly with heavy steps, worrying about my to-do list, and Idon't notice the world around me可推断,刚开始散步时,作者感到紧张不安。

23. B。细节理解题。由第五段开头的Once again, my animal teacher is reminding me to enjoy the presentmoment可知,Rio“教育”作者要活在当下。

24. D。标题归纳题。由最后一段When we walk home, I smile broadly, spirit washed clean, ready forwhatever the day may bring可知,忙碌又焦虑的作者通过在雪地中散步心情舒畅了。故D项恰当。



25. C。细节理解题。由第一段末的People notice him because when he runs, “Barefoot Mike” runs barefoot可知,Mike跑步时备受关注是因为他没穿鞋。

26. C。细节理解题。由第二段中的accidentally stepped into a huge muddy puddle ... the wet and dirty shoe made it really hard可知,Mike当时赤脚跑步是因为他的一只鞋踩到水坑里后变得又湿又脏,极不舒服。

27. D。细节理解题。由第三段中的“It felt so good!” Mike said ...It was awesome!”可知,Mike赤脚跑了一会儿后感觉出乎意料地好。

28. A。推理判断题。由倒数第二段末的Many runners have impact injuries such as knee pain. Heel-strikingmay be the cause of these injuries or may make an existing injury worse可推断,足跟着地对身体有害。


本文是说明文。文章介绍了girl Friday一词的含义和来源。

29. C。细节理解题。由第二段中的a woman who fits this role is well organized and handles a lot ofbusiness and administrative matters可知,该段提到的girl Friday应该具备较强的组织能力。

30. D。推理判断题。由第四段中的it refers to someone who is more of a personal cheerleader anddevoted friend, in other words, the female version of a “wingman.”可知,该词的意思应是陪伴和支持某人的男性朋友。

31. C。段落大意题。由最后一段中的the author of Robinson Crusoe, indirectly gave birth to the term “girl Friday”及下文可知,本段主要讲girlFriday一词的来源。

32. C。篇章结构题。文章第一段概括讲了girl Friday一词的含义,第二、三、四段分别详细说明了该词的三种含义,最后一段是该词的来源。故C项正确。



33. B。推理判断题。由Florence部分的Tickets:Adults, $8; kids ages 6 to 14, $4可知,一个成年人和两个8岁的孩子共需支付16美元。

34. A。细节理解题。由London部分的Visit the Red Zone tolearn about our planet可知,在红色区域可以了解到与地球相关的知识。

35. C。细节理解题。由文章最后一段的It opens every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Thurs., whenthe museum is open until 8 p.m.可知,只有周四晚上可以参观加拿大自然博物馆。




36. B。B项与上文的Nancy was bornin Manhattan相呼应。

37. A。A项与上文的Nancy marriedRonald Reagan相呼应,都是讲里根夫妇的婚姻和家庭。

38. E。E项与下文的she had hired anastrologer to assist in planning the president's schedule相呼应。

39. C。下文的The book's name is ... sold many copies是对C项中的a book的介绍。

40. G。G项是对上文She also askedPresident George W. Bush to support stem cell research的解释说明。




41. C。由下文的They were high-quality pieces of furniture可推断,作者和丈夫一起“赞赏(admiring)”高档的桌椅。

42. A。由下文的They invited us to sit and enjoy a meal可知,介绍这些家具的是这个家的“主人(hosts)”。

43. D。由上文的They're antiques可知,这些古董桌椅是夫妇俩珍爱的“宝物(treasures)”。

44. A。由下文的we settled in及He leaned backin his chair可推测,饭菜被“摆上桌(served)”后,大家就座了。

45. B。由上文的grew comfortable及下文的withoutthinking, got into a bad habit. He leaned back in his chair, far enough to liftthe front legs可推断,作者的丈夫坐得有点太“舒服(comfortable)”了,以至于仰靠在椅背上时将椅子坐倒了。

46. C。作者的丈夫向后仰靠在椅背上以至于使椅子的前腿离开了“地面(floor)”。

47. B。由下文的He's a lot to put in a chair可知,作者的丈夫非常“胖(large)”。

48. B。由下文的an even worse sight — that beautiful antique chair was ... useless可推断,作者的丈夫从椅子上摔倒的瞬间发出了“可怕的(terrible)”声响。

49. A。由下文的useless可知,漂亮的古董椅子“坏了(broken)”。

50. D。由上文可知作者的丈夫把漂亮的祖传椅子坐坏了,故二人向主人真诚地“道歉(apologized)”。

51. D。珍爱的椅子坏了,主人显然很“伤心(sad)”。

52. C。主人又拿了一把祖传的椅子“邀请(invited)”作者的丈夫坐下。

53. B。由I'm glad可知,除了之前被弄坏的那把椅子,没有椅子再被“损坏(harmed)”。

54. B。由上文的they insisted they would have no problem repairing the damage ... myhusband to sit in it可知,和贵重的椅子相比,主人更看重“友好的行为(kindness)”。

55. A。主人面对祖传椅子被损坏的事实仍对作者夫妇友好相待,说明他们认为人比“财产(possessions)”重要。

56. A。他人并不总“像(as)”我们那样珍惜我们所珍惜的东西。

57. D。由上文作者的丈夫弄坏主人家的贵重椅子的例子可知,人们并不总是“小心翼翼地(carefully)”行动。

58. B。59. C。如果我们珍惜人,那就最好看淡自己的财物,“尽管(even if)”这样会使我们失去喜爱的东西。holdloosely to看淡。

60. C。祖传的椅子无法替代,人也同样无法“替代(replaced)”。


61. It。考查it的用法。设空处作形式主语,故填It。

62. the。考查定冠词。all the time意为“一直,始终”。

63. untidy。考查形容词作表语的用法。由语境可知,此处意为“他的头发不整齐”,故填untidy。

64. keeps。考查一般现在时。keep在此表示的是经常或习惯性发生的动作,且主语是第三人称单数,故填keeps。

65. fairly。考查副词。设空处修饰副词often,故填fairly(相当)。

66. up。考查副词。set up意为“建立”。

67. to stop。考查不定式作状语的用法。I与stop是逻辑上的主谓关系,且设空处表目的,故填to stop。

68. that。考查连接词。设空处引导宾语从句,且从句的意义和成分均完整,故填that。

69. of。考查介词。kind of意为“有点儿”。

70. where。考查关系词。设空处引导非限制性定语从句修饰Monte Carlo,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。



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